Here is a list of current student-run clubs offered at Bush:

  • A Capella
  • Amnesty International
  • Astronomy Club
  • Athletic Student Council (ASC)
  • Blazers of Color
  • Bowling Club
  • Bush Animal Advocacy and Rights Club (BAARC)
  • Bush Babes
  • Bush Young Conservatives
  • Business Club
  • Current Issues Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club
  • Environmental Committee
  • European Football Club (EFC)
  • Film Club
  • Gardening and Pizza Club
  • Girl Up
  • H. P. Lovecraft Club
  • Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)
  • Kind Club
  • People for Equality (PFE)
  • Photography Club
  • Science Club
  • Sketchbook Club
  • Social Committee
  • Speculative Fiction Book Club
  • Spirit Store
  • Student Awareness Council (SAC)
  • Tabletop Games Club
  • Tea and Vinyl Club
  • Team America Rocketry Challenge Club (TARC Club)
  • Teen Feed
  • TeenTech Washington
  • The Rambler
  • The Trailblazers
  • Unplug Club
  • White Students Combatting Racism (WSCR)

Outdoor Education Program

The outdoor ed program is a perfect example of how Bush really does allow students to experience education. There are backpacking and wilderness first aid classes offered, along with many wilderness trips (usually a weekend getaway) that occur throughout the year. Jay Wyatt, the director of the outdoor ed program, makes these adventures fun and engaging for everyone.

Bush Lingo

Here are some vocab words and example phrases that are commonly used by Bush students:


  • Basemont: The basement of Gracemont
  • Benaroya: The theater
  • Big Tree/Big Rock: Typical meeting place for field trips, located on Harrison
  • Commons Duty: The one day a year when you have to help out in the commons and serve lunch
  • Community Room: A building on Harrison near the middle school that is sometimes used as a meeting place for events
  • Fishbowl: The windowed entry room of Benaroya where you can always find students hanging out
  • Flight: Bush’s literary magazine
  • Lifer: A Bush student who has been at the school since kindergarten
  • Living Room: Gracemont 104 (first floor of Gracemont) and typically Melissa’s English classroom
  • Long Block: The one 85 minute block of each class you have once a week
  • New Gym: The Mag Gym
  • Outdoor Classroom: The “classroom” that is located beyond Gracemont lawn
  • Portal: The online server that students can use to check assignments and whatnot as it has pretty much all the necessary information for school (sometimes called Whipple Hill)
  • Senior Corner: The area in Wissner where couches form a little place for only seniors to hang out
  • Senior Projects: The three weeks in spring term
  • Senior Sneak: A fun tradition where seniors decorate the upper school on a Sunday and then “skip” that Monday of school
  • Schuchart: The gym/athletic building
  • Spikeball: A net and ball game typically played by 4 students and is oddly popular at Bush
  • Sun Room: Typically Nipert’s English classroom, located at the back of Gracemont and called the sun room for it’s windowed walls (Gracemont 107)
  • Tykoe: The yearbook



  • “will you share that with me?” 
    • will you share that with me on google drive?
  • “will you go down with me?” / “wanna go down?”
    • will you walk down with me from the upper campus to the commons?
  • “is it week one or week two?” / “is it blue week or white week?”
    • as the schedule alternates every week, which schedule are we using this week?


Although Bush is not known for its sports teams, there are for sure some star athletes across many of the teams!

Here is a list of all Bush sports offered:

Cross country running
Girls Volleyball
Girls Soccer
Boys Tennis
Boys Golf
Boys Ultimate Frisbee

Cross Country Skiing
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Girls Tennis
Boys Soccer
Girls Golf
Girls Ultimate Frisbee
Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee

If you are a student who plays non-Bush sports, you are eligible to receive credit for that as well.

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MMM, which stands for Monday Morning Meeting, is a time when students have the opportunity to make announcements to the upper school about sports games, clubs, accomplishments, and anything else that may be happening in the upcoming week. Forum is every Friday. During this time, guest speakers come in to give interesting presentations, student-led games and discussions are held, or it is left “open”, where any student is welcome to raise their hand and address an issue related to the Bush upper school that they feel should be solved. Both meetings are really just to get the upper school together in one room to enhance the feeling of a community.

Senior Sneak

Senior Sneak is a day when the entire senior class comes to school on a Sunday to “decorate” the school with a fun theme that expresses who they are as a class. This year, we decorated the Bush upper school with a Greek theme where we rented a bouncy house, drew Greek letters on the ground with chalk, toilet-papered Wissner, set up a pong table, and had a barbecue! All faculty are aware of this fun little tradition, just not of all the specifics because it is organized by the seniors. Seniors typically do not go into school the following Monday, and are marked with an unexcused absence. However, it is still the student’s responsibility to go to class, complete assignments, meet with teachers if necessary, and arrive at lunch on the Monday to help clean everything up. Senior Sneak is a great time for everyone, and you should be excited to be a part of it when the time comes!

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College Counseling

One of Bush’s greatest assets, in my opinion, is its college counseling program. Located on the third floor of Gracemont are the offices of Melissa and Alice, the dynamic duo who work so hard to help everyone through the intense and stressful college process. Sadly Alice is leaving, but Melissa (and soon a new counselor) is someone who is always there and ready to answer questions (i.e. if you’re not sure what classes to take to best prepare for college/to most impress college admissions officers). The whole process is very hands on, and I can’t think of any way in which I wish the process was improved when I was applying to schools. I know a lot of kids who go to other schools who had outside-of-school college counselors, but at Bush there really is no need. Melissa and Alice both have been on the other side of the process, as college admissions officers, and know how to have you best represent yourself so that you can get into a school where you will have a great experience.

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