Benaroya Theater is where all upper school plays and theater classes are held. Each term a new play is performed. Students work very hard on keeping it organized, setting it up, and making it look and feel spectacular. Just outside of the theater itself is an open room that students like to call the Fishbowl. Students are welcome to hang out or eat lunch here.

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The BANC is essentially the study room of the upper school. It’s located on the second floor of Wissner and is a huge space dedicated solely for student study sessions and gatherings. There are computers, white boards, office supplies, tables/chairs, and phone chargers. Feel free to ask Will Baber if you need any tech help, he’s very friendly! His desk is located in the corner of the BANC.

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Senior Corner

Senior Corner is located on the top floor of Wissner. It is a couch space strictly for seniors only. This is the go-to spot for seniors to hangout with their friends in the morning and during breaks, to study, or to relax.


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Big Tree/Rock

The Big Tree is just that: a big tree. It’s a typical meeting place for field trips and off-campus activities. Next to the Big Tree is the rock, another typical meeting place for students and teachers. They are both situated along E Harrison St.

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The all-school lunch room, also known as the Commons, is where students K-12 eat lunch and get snacks during break. They serve a hot lunch everyday, along with a vegetarian version. I can honestly say that the commons serves delicious meals– everything from beef stroganoff to coconut curry and rice. For those days when you aren’t hungry for the hot lunch, the commons has a sandwich line and salad bar open as well. You can build your own sandwich or salad however you would like. Additionally, there is a fridge filled with soda, packaged gyoza, sushi, pre-made sandwiches, juice, string cheese, and so much more. As if this wasn’t enough already, there is a rack lined with all types of chips, crackers, and energy bars. For dessert, check out the small fridge behind the salad bar because there you will find ice cream and popsicles that will satisfy your sweet tooth. In the morning, the waffle maker is available, the coffee/tea/apple cider/hot chocolate machine is running, a tray of fresh pastries and bagels are out, and a full breakfast is served. Breakfast is usually presented buffet style and includes scrambled eggs, oatmeal, potatoes, bacon/sausage, and pre-wrapped breakfast sandwiches. Yum!

Every student is required to do commons duty once a year. You are partnered with another person from your advisory (usually you get to choose who).

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The garage is located directly adjacent to the Schuchart Gym lobby. It’s a safe place for teachers, parents, and students to park throughout the school day as well as when special events are being held. It typically closes at 6PM Mon-Thurs and 9PM on Friday’s, but can change depending on the occasion.

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Aside from Wissner, Gracemont is the other main academic building in the upper school and is usually where the English, history, and foreign language classes are taught. Gracemont is a pretty old building, and actually used to be a house, but that’s what gives it a lot of its charm.

The basement of Gracemont, better known as “basemont,” has a computer lab and some language classrooms. The ground level is home to Ray’s office, Sally’s desk, the “living room” and “sun room” (two typical English classrooms). The 2nd floor has history and language classrooms and the 3rd and final story of Gracemont is home to support services, college counseling, and tutoring rooms/the zen room.

Student’s generally hang out in Wissner rather than Gracemont, but if you were to find students lounging around in Gracemont it would probably be on the 2nd floor on the windowsill above the stairs. Another great spot for relaxation is the Gracemont porch, which faces out onto the Wissner courtyard. Finally, when it’s nice out, students love to lounge about on the Gracemont lawn, located directly behind the building; however, sadly, the lawn will soon be gone to provide space for the future upper school building.

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