Bush Lingo

Here are some vocab words and example phrases that are commonly used by Bush students:


  • Basemont: The basement of Gracemont
  • Benaroya: The theater
  • Big Tree/Big Rock: Typical meeting place for field trips, located on Harrison
  • Commons Duty: The one day a year when you have to help out in the commons and serve lunch
  • Community Room: A building on Harrison near the middle school that is sometimes used as a meeting place for events
  • Fishbowl: The windowed entry room of Benaroya where you can always find students hanging out
  • Flight: Bush’s literary magazine
  • Lifer: A Bush student who has been at the school since kindergarten
  • Living Room: Gracemont 104 (first floor of Gracemont) and typically Melissa’s English classroom
  • Long Block: The one 85 minute block of each class you have once a week
  • New Gym: The Mag Gym
  • Outdoor Classroom: The “classroom” that is located beyond Gracemont lawn
  • Portal: The online server that students can use to check assignments and whatnot as it has pretty much all the necessary information for school (sometimes called Whipple Hill)
  • Senior Corner: The area in Wissner where couches form a little place for only seniors to hang out
  • Senior Projects: The three weeks in spring term
  • Senior Sneak: A fun tradition where seniors decorate the upper school on a Sunday and then “skip” that Monday of school
  • Schuchart: The gym/athletic building
  • Spikeball: A net and ball game typically played by 4 students and is oddly popular at Bush
  • Sun Room: Typically Nipert’s English classroom, located at the back of Gracemont and called the sun room for it’s windowed walls (Gracemont 107)
  • Tykoe: The yearbook



  • “will you share that with me?” 
    • will you share that with me on google drive?
  • “will you go down with me?” / “wanna go down?”
    • will you walk down with me from the upper campus to the commons?
  • “is it week one or week two?” / “is it blue week or white week?”
    • as the schedule alternates every week, which schedule are we using this week?

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